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“And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.”

I’ve been feeling inspired by Pinterest quotes lately.  I just love them!  What I love most about them, is anyone can be in any phase of their life and still find a way to relate.  After photographing baby Landyn and her older sister (who may or may not have stolen the show that day), this quote stuck with me.  To see the joy in their faces, just makes you wish you were a kid again (minus the one little meltdown pictured below.  Haven’t we all felt this way at one time or another when it was time to say CHEESE!) But after 10 minutes it was back to smiles and giggling which is a reminder of the blessings we each have and what a wonderful world it really is.


We all face challenges in our life and the one thing we are all constantly searching for is happiness.  Love is the most powerful and intense feeling a human being can experience.  When you finally find that one person who loves you unconditionally and you love them back and you can’t help but feel happy.

There is certainly no shortage of love with this beautiful couple and when you are around them you can’t help but feel happiness. I was so honored than to have captured my sisters wedding; I just hope I did so in the way she hoped.  It was beautiful.  So much work was put into this wedding, as they usually are, but it was definitely a family affair.  The entire wedding took place at Clint’s parents cabin, the flowers were bought a few nights earlier at the farmers market and all the smallest details were lovingly crafted by the bride and groom and their families.  Diligent thought and love were put in to every aspect of their big day. The photos tell the story: from the morning of the wedding to the family members setting up the tents and finishing all the last minute details, to the street dance that took place just blocks from the wedding site.

It was an absolute honor to be able to capture this most special day in my sister’s life.  Clint is an amazing man and it warms my heart to see the happiness he brings Jaime. Congratulations sister and welcome to the family Clint.  Here is the story of your day from my eyes.


Your Little Sister



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Where do I even begin with this post?  I have goose bumps all over from the emotion that is tied to this itty bitty girl.  Miracles happen every day, but this miracle is something to behold; this precious baby girl is belief, hope, love and faith, in its purest form.  Ruby Love is ONE YEAR OLD!  That is something to celebrate, to climb to the top of a mountain and shout for the entire world to hear.  The road was rocky, overwhelming and treacherous at times for her parents but they made it.  At Ruby’s one-year check up the doctors and nurses were astounded by how healthy she was.  From this day forward I know nothing will stop this little girl from doing whatever she puts her mind to.  If you had little faith before, it certainly grows deeper when you meet her.  She already has such a sassy princess way about her, you know she will get what she wants, when she wants, with help from the big Man above.


I know this past year has brought many ups and downs for your parents, but I also know they wouldn’t trade any of it, because the fight you fought to stay alive brought more hope to the world around you then you will ever know.  It’s stories like yours that give those who suffer from a multitude of things faith and hope in this some times sad world.

On this extremely special and meaningful 1st birthday, my birthday wish for you is that you continue to give hope and faith to the world around you.  You are a very special girl.  Someday when you are old enough to read this, I hope it will inspire you to do great things in the world.  You’ve inspired so many already and you already have a gift that will hopefully inspire others throughout the long life you have ahead of you.

Here is just a little glimpse of I captured of your first year. I met you 2 months after you were born still just 3 pounds.  Then, I was blessed to capture the moment your parents had been waiting for, to take you home!  Then a few quick photos around my favorite time of year, Christmas!  Now here you are, a strong and beautiful 1 year old!

Happy Birthday Ruby Love!  The world was cheering for you to make it to this day, you did and it and it was inspiring to watch.

With Love and Kisses and Hugs,