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You are the sun to my shine, sweet to my heart, cup to my cake, love to my life, sun to my rise, heart to my beat, sweetest little boy.

~Jordon Taylor

I love baby showers!  Last night I helped co-host a baby shower for one of my best friends Julie.  After quite a long journey, she is having her very first baby and it’s a boy!  I’m sure her husband is excited for the possibility of a future hockey player.

It was a perfect fall night, chilly outside and warm and cozy inside. Our good friend and neighbor Katie was generous enough to host the event at her beautiful home.  Our “vintage theme” was decided upon to coordinate with the mama-to-be’s nursery, which is absolutely adorable.  We tried keep it whites and creams with little pops of blue!  Helping sooth her sweet tooth, we had an entire table dedicated strictly to sweets, which also just happens to be the nickname given to her by her adoring husband.  Julie, I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, you are going to be one of the best moms I know and that little boy and all your future children are so lucky to have you as their mom.  Love you!



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    This love is a simple one.  The more time I spend with newly engaged and newly married couples I realize everyone’s love is different.  It truly is magical.  Just as there are no two people alike in this world, no couple experiences love the same as another couple.  One beautiful thing about love is that you can take the parts you admire in other couples and apply those good qualities to your own relationships.  Jake and Anna inspired me to appreciate the simplicity of love.  As high school sweethearts they’ve grown up together and I believe part of what has kept their love thriving is the simplicity they embrace.   After spending just a couple hours with them during the engagement shoot I came to admire how much they appreciated each other and the world around them.  Their love for the outdoors and nature are a complete reflection of them as a couple.  Jake and Anna, congratulations on your engagement and here is to a wonderful life ahead. Tiffany

It is hard to talk about this couple without running short on words.   The second I met them I knew that if I was their photographer the honor would most certainly be mine.    Her smile is a photographers dream and the way he looked at her rivaled only by the intensity of the sun on a July day.  Everything about their wedding was personal and there was no detail left untouched by someone with who they were personally connected.

Friday evening before the wedding day I met up with Jenna and Shane and had them give me their “details” to photograph.  Jenna wanted to surprise Shane by having me take the “detailed photos” at the Wayzata Depot, that just happened to be the place where they had their first kiss.  SURPRISE SHANE!  Although Jenna forgot to bring the rings (it was her practice round) I was able to get photos of the dress and suit.   Their wedding was one of the most organic weddings I may ever have the privilege of  photographing and it shines through in their photos.  I don’t think I stopped smiling the 10 hours I spent editing them!  It was such an incredible day.

During the ceremony Jenna and Shane took turns reciting their promises to each other; I asked the bride if I could share them with you all.  These are promises many of us should pledge to keep with our significant others.


Shane +Jenna Vows

I promise to you today and all of our tomorrows to always Kiss You Goodnight

And I promise to you today and all of our tomorrows to always kiss you hello.

To always speak when words are needed, and to share silence when they are not

To laugh with you hysterically, hilariously, frequently, and fanatically.

To laugh and adore your colorful language

To dream with you

To take risks with you when we truly believe in their potential

To always go on adventures with you and worry about money later

To love you even when you are screaming at 12 year-olds playing COD

To love you though I get emailed receipts of new episodes of the Real Housewives being purchased.

To be your play partner and teammate

To always take walks with you

To be honest with my feelings and emotions around you

To never be complacent

To read to you

To always pack a first aid kit when I or we go camping

To respect, cherish, and support your love affair for adventure and heights

To respect your fear of heights, but to always supportively push you to get over them.

To aim to see and experience the world with you

To go camping with you at least one time per year.

To let you always be in the back of the canoe, but only because you are heavier and it makes sense.

To let you roll up the tent, and start the fire more often.

To always act on things that will make us happy

To never think of ourselves at too old to try something

To always play no matter our age or physical abilities

To support you in your endeavors, no matter how frequently they change.

To never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love

To be your best friend forever

To respect, love, and appreciate our inter-faith marriage and to teach our kids of love and tolerance for humans as citizens of the same world.

Promise that we, and we alone, will define what ‘success’ means for our lives together

To live within the warmth of your heart, and to always call it home.

To cuddle you when you are cold

To always dance with you

To frequently cook delicious – and healthy – meals for you, and if they don’t turn out delicious, remember, the intentions were good.

To always dedicate the first five minutes of your arrival to hugs, kisses, and how are yous

To love your’ quirks like; sneezing after mouthwash, or never finishing a cup of coffee.

To remember this relationship is a choice, and I will work to never take you for granted.

I promise to choose you

I promise to choose you




CONGRATULATIONS SHANE AND JENNA!  Thank you so much for allowing me to be such a huge part of an amazing weekend.


Special Thank You, to Ashley Sullivan for helping me shoot some of the amazing details throughout the day, you can find more of her amazing work by clicking here!


“You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known- and even that is an understatement.

~F. Scott Fitzgerald

To say this engagement shoot was fun- “is and understatement!”  You could not stop these two from laughing and smiling, even though they accidentally left the house with Caity’s makeup bag on the roof of the car, which eventually ended up on 35W!   But even that didn’t slow these two down.  Caity, a teacher, Dan a grad student, the two could not be more perfect for one another.   They met in college at Gary’s Pizza and the two have been inseparable since! It was so great to get to spend the evening with these two love birds and I absolutely can not wait to shoot their wedding next year!