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If you are a member of my family, then every life milestone will be documented and you just have to deal with it!  No, really you don’t, but if you let me I will!  My beautiful sister-in-law and brother-in-law are expecting their sweet baby girl, which we found out here, in early January!  If she wants to come on my birthday, I’m more than happy to share that day with her too!  I was constantly reminded being a New Years Eve baby that I was a tax deduction.  Always trying to help mom and day save a buck or two!  Right, Mom…Dad?  Haha!  If you know me at all, that plan sure did backfire on them! But I’m getting better at saving my money, I promise!  As for my sweet little niece who will be born in a few short month, I vow to teach you all there is to know about good taste and proper spending habits! I can’t wait to meet you!  Until then, these beautiful photos of your mommy and daddy who are SOOOOO in love with you, will have to do.



Take one born and bred east coast girl, add one midwestern mama’s boy and you have one excited photographer.  Emotional and personality contrast make for beautiful, passionate photos and these were no exception.  Despite the contrast they share some type A characteristics (see extremely organized shoot agenda) which certainly made for a streamlined and stress free shoot and the photos reflect that.  What you wouldn’t have guessed from first impressions and personality characteristics was that these two would be so much fun.

Josh made the cut and then some.  Maggie had told him at the outset of their relationship that she would not meet his family until he had passed the one-month milestone.  That month passed, and so did other months and not only did he meet that family, they will be calling him their son in short order.  Josh wasn’t the only one with challenges to meet.  Maggie had to endure the tortures of a hockey crazed, cold arena dwelling Minnesota man…….she made it, too.  They made it.

She embraced his world so completely and so graciously that their engagement was highlighted with Skipper blue and that participation of one of the Minnetonka girls hockey players.  Maggie trudged unknowingly, in stiletto heels of all things, towards the Excelsior docks where her future waited on bended knee


Congratulations Maggie & Josh!


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    Ruthanne has kept me posted about all the goings on! I’m so very happy for you! You’re as stunning and joyful as ever!



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Outdoor weddings, really if the weather cooperates there is nothing better!  Marissa & Blake took that chance at the beautiful Historic Hope Glen Farm a couple weeks ago, despite the little chill in the air and tiny sprinkle of rain, the day could not have been more perfect!  Although Marissa and I didn’t officially meet until close to their actual wedding day, I knew we would get along because we both love Christmas and the movie Elf!  As a wedding photographer, it’s important to make these personal and VERY IMPORTANT connections!  It was here the two exchanged vows in front of their closest family and friends.  The details were amazing and the couple, absolutely sweet.

Congratulations Marissa & Blake!

Marissa + Blake Married